• During Lockdown, Patricia’s Yoga Classes are being delivered via Zoom
  • Class times:  Tuesday 7.30-9.00pm Friday 11.00am – 12.00 noon
  • To register for these classes please call us on 01475 785685 or  email us at
  • You can also find out more information and keep up to date via our  Yoga Facebook Patricia’s Yoga 

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Patricia A Ralston, fully qualified Hatha Yoga Instructor (SYTA Registered) with 25+ years teaching experience offers weekly Yoga classes:

Yoga classes on every Tuesday 7.45 - 9.15pm in Lyle Kirk, Bentinck Street, Greenock. All levels welcome

For further details, please call the Salon on 01475 785685.

Yoga is the oldest known art and science of self/personal development. It aids and in some cases solves the problems of health and fitness (both physical and mental) and allows peace of mind. Yoga is over 5000 years old. It is a system of self health care, it utilises Breathing Exercises and Techniques (Pranayama), Physical Postures/Exercises (Asanas) and Deep Relaxation Techniques (Yoga Nidra), working together these elements help to develop the body, mind, heart and spirit harmoniously, bringing the whole body into a state of 'balance'.

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of background, age, sex or physical condition. It teaches you how to improve, condition and control every part of your body, become aware of your body, and how to quieten and relax your mind.

People use and practise Yoga for a variety of reasons and for individual problems, such as: weight control, circulation, stiffness, tension, stress and for relaxation purposes, it also allows the body to become supple and toned through the practise of stretching and strengthening postures/exercises (Asanas).

Yoga awakens our awareness so that we can free and rid ourselves from habituation and learn how to relax, tone and condition the 'whole body', re-establish new levels of health and allows us to achieve that overall feeling and state of 'WELL BEING'.