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gat_logoPP2P_jan2019.jpgPASSPORT TO PAMPER
As a valued Gatineau customer, you are eligible to join our “Passport to Pamper” treatment scheme. This is a special link between you, Healthy Outlook and Gatineau.

Each time you have a Gatineau treatment, you will be rewarded with minutes towards a free treatment. A treatment lasting for 30 minutes will be rewarded with 5 minutes, a 60 minute treatment with 10 minutes, 75 minutes with 15 minutes and 90 minutes with 20 minutes. Once you have collected enough minutes, you can choose a free treatment of your choice or as advised by your Skincare Therapist.


Celebrating 80 years...

"In 1932 I created a brand of excellence for the most discerning of women"

Jeanne Gatineau

gat_logo130x157_jan2019.jpg80 years of pioneering research and development have made us one of the most admired and anti-ageing skincare houses today. By combining the best of all sources from the most effective botanical extracts to the latest cutting edge biotechnology, Gatineau uses state of the art formulas to delivery highly visible results.

Innovation is deeply written in the origins of the brand, as well as in the spirit of its founder: Jeanne Gatineau.

Through her experience of working in beauty salons, she obtained a deep understanding of women's needs and desires and a complete knowledge of skincare. Because she was ahead of her time, she recognised the importance of choosing the best doctors, the best dermatologists and the most eminent researchers to develop her unique products.

This is why, over the years, Gatineau has made cosmetic breakthroughs which have been key stepping stones for the industry: the first slimming cream with iodides, the first skin type profiling, the first revolutionary treatment to firm up the breast, packaged in ampoules, and the first to use collagen as an anti-ageing ingredient.

Today Gatineau's research continues to invest in developing new and premium products which represent the high end cosmetic technology of tomorrow.

By using Gatineau, women have the assurance that their skincare products are the result of the latest technology. Gatineau is a truly visionary brand!

For every skin type, every problem and every age there is a solution!

1932.jpg Jeanne Gatineau opens her first beauty salon in Paris

1950.jpg She starts the Jeanne Gatineau School of Beauty providing training to thousands of beauticians

1983.jpg Gatineau is the first skincare house to discover and implement the benefits of Caffeine to encourage cellular detoxification, drainage and radiance enhancement in skincare

1988.jpg Gatineau is the first to launch a successful retinol cream and the first gel moisturiser

1994.jpg Jeanne Gatineau becomes GATINEAU

1997.jpg Feminessence is launched as the world's first skincare range designed in conjunction with gynaecologists and dermatologists to address hormonal changes in menopausal skins

1998.jpg Gatineau launches Laser, the first cosmetic product based on light captors which mimics the resurfacing effects of Laser without photosensitivity, burning or irritation

2001.jpg Gatineau wins the prestigious Oscar Award for Mélatogénine™ . Gatineau, the first once again, created an exclusive molecule that promotes the youth of the cells, and delivered in an avant-garde patented formula Mélatogénine™

2002.jpg Gatineau Laboratories creates Mélatogénine™ facial. This avante-garde treatment which works on the three dimensions of the face also won a prestigious International award

2004.jpg Gatineau Laboratories launches DefiLIFT Cream and DefiLIFT Eye containing Botufix. The first dual action skincare formula combining a lift effect with a dermo-relaxing action

2007.jpg Mélatogénine™ FUTUR PLUS. An anti-ageing breakthrough. Gatineau revisits its masterpiece of technology and continues to improve to perfection offering women age 40 plus the ultimate in anti-ageing skincare with the Mélatogénine™ Futur Plus

2010.jpg The brand consolidates its anti-aging expert position by reinforcing its segment for mature skin

2012.jpg Gatineau celebrates 80 years of beauty expertise with a new brand look to include the soon to launch latest innovation Mélatogénine™ AOX Pro-Biotics.


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